To blog or not to blog

by jenny on 22 March 2012 - 12:47pm

...that is the question.

I've been entertaining the idea of starting a blog for some time now. In fact, I have several random unfinished blog entries laying around on everything from cooking adventures to minor home improvement projects. It's never gotten off the ground because I wasn't sure there was really an audience... after all, I'm no expert, just learning as I go with the goal of transforming my space into a place I want to be.

My most recent project is also my largest undertaking to date: sprucing up my entryway with cheery blue paint and functional yet beautiful hooks to corral all the random jackets/scarves/hats that otherwise end up strewn all over the house.


I was originally going to hang the hooks a bit lower and put some kind of artwork or mirrors above them, but Lih convinced me of the "value of negative space".... and I decided to go with the less-cluttered minimalist look. I really like how it turned out -- after all, there's a lot going on visually once the hooks are filled.

But I digress. The purpose of this entry is to discover whether or not anyone is interested in reading along with my adventures and misadventures. I can't promise updates on any regular schedule, but I'm happy to share as I go along. I've also heard that starting a blog can provide motivation to keep going when you might otherwise quit, which sounds like a major bonus to the more obvious benefit of showing off my projects to those far away.

Leave me a comment if you have any interest in seeing more... I have before and in-progress pics and other projects to come!

Nice redo!

I love the swirly hooks and the color. When I was looking at bedroom paint colors, I thought it was a bit difficult to find a blue that was cool and inviting and not hospital-y, but you've definitely done it.

Are you still living in the same place as when I stayed with you a few years ago?


Yep, same place and still renting -- after living here almost seven years, I finally decided it was time to make this place feel like home. :) I'll have to post about the paint-choosing process!

Yay! I'll read. :)

Yay! I'll read. :)

BLOG or not???

Enjoy keeping up with you and what your doing. Not sure how often I would be on, but do enjoy checking your projects out. I guess I'm a lesser version of your mom, but VERY cluttered. Your entyway looks nice. Def agree to value in negative space......even though I have very little, lol.

I'll keep reading your blog!

I'll keep reading your blog! :o)