Cellphone not required

by jenny on 07 December 2012 - 02:43am

Notice anything missing?


Yep, we've been living with no doorbell for the past 7+ years. If I had a dollar for every time I've explained to someone that they'll have to call me when they arrive since we live downstairs and have no doorbell....... well, I'd have at least enough to cover the purchase of our new doorbell.


If I'd only known about wireless doorbells earlier! I'd been living with the problem because I assumed fixing it would require crazy wiring headaches that I wasn't prepared to tackle. Not so. The button itself has a lithium battery and the receiver goes into an outlet inside. Couldn't be easier.


...though I'll admit getting it on the siding was a bit tricky. First off, the mounting plate is not as wide as the doorbell since it nests inside the outer box. So the usual hold it up and mark the corners approach doesn't work so well.


Fortunately, I noticed that just after marking the outer corners -- I partially opened the back hinge so I could mark the bottom inner corner as well.


I was provided an adhesive tape mounting option or a screw mounting option and went for the latter -- it seemed sturdier and I didn't want the doorbell box sticking out any more than it already did, which is a bit more than a wired doorbell would. That's also why I chose to put it next to the door trim as opposed to on the door trim -- it hides the fact that the box has a good amount of depth to it.

I drilled 1/16" pilot holes in the mounting plate and the siding and started to insert the screws.


The siding or something just beyond it was a lot harder than I anticipated and I ended up stripping the screws pretty badly trying to get them in. I almost wasn't able to get them out again. I probably should have drilled those pilot holes deeper and/or with a larger bit. I didn't take pictures of that part since I was annoyed, but I scrapped the screw idea (since I didn't have any more of the slim screws provided) and went with tiny wire nails instead. That way I still got a flush mount and nails, while not as sturdy as screws, have to be better than tape.


It feels nice and sturdy when pushed and looks great. Best of all, I never again have to sheepishly instruct people on what to do upon arriving at my door!


J a d I also thought we had

J a d I also thought we had to wire a door bell in at first. We eventually got one wireless like yours although not as fancy. Ours didn't even have screws, just crummy mount tape (we replaced with stronger 3m tape but it still wiggles).

IQ America

If it's the IQ America brand (mine was from Home Depot), you can buy the buttons and receivers seperately and mix-and-match -- they all work together. I noticed the receivers that came with included buttons seemed to have crummy buttons. I bought the receiver alone and paired it with a nicer button that matched my hardware. Just go pick up a better button and it should work!