How to use Pinterest

by jenny on 15 July 2013 - 08:17pm

I want to point out that Pinterest is what you make of it. (A lot like everything in life, actually, but I’ll try to stay on-topic.) Pinterest can make you miserable and bitter, or it can be a fire hydrant of inspiration. An easy way to make yourself miserable is to create a board titled “If Only” or “When I win the lottery” or anything else along those lines. Even “Dream Home” is risky territory. I very nearly created such a board myself, but I backspaced right over the word “dream” and replaced it with “ideas”. The difference is subtle, but huge. I’m not collecting pretty pictures of things so that I can fume in jealousy over what I don’t have. I’m collecting pretty pictures of things so that I can curate and discover my own style, so I can bring better into focus the direction I want to go in my own home.

I really, really try to avoid pinning things that I know I could never own or be able to attain myself, given enough time and effort. It’s a grey area, of course. I’m not saying do not, under any circumstances, pin that astronomically priced item. If you love it that much, pin away, and then be on the lookout for something vaguely similar within your price range or try your hand at DIYing it. Just don’t pin the whole catalog worth of astronomically priced items “because they’re pretty”. There are an infinite number of pretty things which you could spend all day obsessively pinning, but the idea is to curate the digital representations of beauty which have the potential to (directly or indirectly) increase the actual beauty in your own real life.