Loathing labels

by jenny on 07 January 2013 - 08:23pm

Nothing feels less homey and cute than a barcode. Forgive me for snapping these pics with my phone (the real camera is charging). But I thought this tiny project was worth sharing.

I’ve been using my folding camp chair to sit outside a fair amount lately and it often finds itself chillin’ on my entryway hooks (someday I’ll post more pics of that project).


Every time I walk by it, though, I feel a mild surge of annoyance… something like “I should really put that away.” Away being, of course, back in the depths of the closet. Where it’s a pain to get it back out.

It finally dawned on me that my annoyance was stemming from the fact that the case was ugly and I didn’t like looking at it. And it was only ugly because there was a giant label sewn onto the front, protected with a panel of industrial-strength plastic such that it would never come off. Ever.


Unless, of course, you set your mind to it.


About 2 minutes later, the offensive label was gone and now I don’t mind looking at my camp chair hanging from the entryway hooks. It actually looks kind of chic. It’s in my color palette, afterall. So now it can stay where it’s easily accessible AND not annoy me as I walk past. It’s worth keeping an eye out for simple (but perhaps not obvious) changes that make a big impact on the way you view your space!



I never thought to do that but always felt the same way...Although usually when the labels were.....EWWWEE ugly(they had been there awhilke)
....But non the less...How ingenious sweetie.....