Ignore a folder/directory in eclipse

The Open Resource dialog in eclipse (Ctrl-X Ctrl-F with emacs bindings) is very useful for locating a file no matter where it is in the current project; however, it also lists a lot of garbage files. I find myself having to visually sift through a long list of deployment files, automatically generated files, and files located in the .git directory before getting to the file I actually wanted... and/or having to type out nearly the entire filename to have the resource dialog at least partially sift the list for me.

Getting a functioning Egit plugin

  • Download Eclipse for PHP Developers, version 3.5.1 (Galileo)
  • Go to Java > Installed JREs and make sure a version 1.5.0_11 or later is available (it doesn't have to be the checked one)
  • Install the egit plugin
    • Go to Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Sites and add:

    • Go to Help -> Install New Software, select JGit, and check Eclipe Git Plugin
    • Continue through prompts to finish installation
  • Clone or create a git repository inside your workspace using your favorite tool

"Malformed network data" error in Eclipse

Was getting this error in subclipse:

svn: Malformed network data

According to this site, older versions of JavaSVN have a problem talking to a Subversion 1.4.x server. The fix is to update subclipse using the 1.4 update URL:

Installing subclipse

  • Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install
  • New features -> Next
  • New Remote Site
  • Don't bother with the optional integrations, just get the Subclipse plugin

Internal web browser in Eclipse

I was getting this error:

Embedded browser not available

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-mozilla-gtk-3346 or swt-mozilla-gtk in swt.library.path...

Apparently the xulrunner package is needed:

sudo apt-get install xulrunner

...then close and reopen eclipse. Works like a charm.

Installing Eclipse/PDT

  • Install a semi-recent Sun JDK, making sure `which java` finds it. I used jdk1.5.0_06. (jdk1.6.0_01 does not work)
  • Download Eclipse 3.3.1 -- Debian/Ubuntu does not currently have a package for the most recent version.
  • Untar to /usr/local, mv eclipse to eclipse-3.3.1, ln -s /usr/local/eclipse-3.3.1/eclipse /usr/local/bin/
  • Open eclipse and run the Update Manager (Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install).
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