Geo Spatial Indexing with Sphinx

  • Installation

    • Go to and download the latest release.
    • Follow the instructions described on that page. In a nutsell, you do ./configure, then make, then sudo make install.
  • Configure your sphinx.conf

    • Go to /etc/sphinxsearch/ and make a new file sphinx.conf.
  • Add the following to your sphinx.conf. Modify database username, password, databasename, the sql statement, etc., but feel free to use the following as a template.

source hostel_geo
# data source type. mandatory, no default value
type = mysql


update content_type_message ctm join node n on ctm.nid = n.nid set
  ctm.field_message_recipientalert_value = unix_timestamp(date_add(n.created, interval 24 hour)),
  ctm.field_message_senderalert_value = unix_timestamp(date_add(n.created, interval 24 hour));

From 12.2.10. UPDATE Syntax:

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