Using origin/master with git-svn

If you have lots of aliases in your ~/.gitconfig referencing origin/master, it can be quite annoying that git-svn provides only a remotes/trunk reference.

To fix this, from the top-level directory of your working copy:

cd .git/refs/remotes
cat trunk   # notice that trunk is just a plain file containing the hash reference of a certain commit
mkdir origin
ln -s ../trunk origin/master   # create a symbolic link from origin/master to trunk

Tadaa, that's it. You can now reference origin/master and it will always stay up-to-date with whatever trunk is referencing!

"Malformed network data" error in Eclipse

Was getting this error in subclipse:

svn: Malformed network data

According to this site, older versions of JavaSVN have a problem talking to a Subversion 1.4.x server. The fix is to update subclipse using the 1.4 update URL:

Different repository root than its parent

Fairly new to working with branches in svn, I'd been merging files from trunk to branch like this for some time:

jenny> svn merge -c 1145 svn+ssh://shia/home/svn/trunk/working/html/drupal5
D    sites/all/themes/custom_garland

Imagine my confusion when all of a sudden, for no obvious reason, a merge fails with this error:

jenny> svn merge -c 1142 svn+ssh://shia/home/svn/trunk/working/html/drupal5
svn: The URL 'svn+ssh://shia/home/svn/trunk/working/html/drupal5/sites/all/modules/jquery_update' has a different repository root than its parent

Installing subclipse

  • Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install
  • New features -> Next
  • New Remote Site
  • Don't bother with the optional integrations, just get the Subclipse plugin

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