PackerShack: Better Hostel Search

by jenny on 10 February 2013 - 05:19pm

For those who don’t know, Lih and I have been working on a side-project, PackerShack, for a little over two years.


This project was born out of our own frustrations trying to find great hostels while backpacking. It’s a familiar scene while travelling abroad: you’ve just arrived at a new city (and you’re only spending 2-3 days there)… but before you can fully begin to relax and explore, you must spend the obligatory 45 minutes or so at some crappy internet cafe squinting at the tiny monitor from 1980 in order to find and book a hostel for the next leg of your journey. And all the hostel booking sites suck. You have to open lots of tabs across several different sites to make comparisons between hostels and wait while the poor overloaded machine cranks to keep up with you.

Not anymore. Our nifty new hostel booking engine has a huge combined inventory and all the tools you need from price comparison to reviews and photos at your fingertips.


But I digress. I have some big news. Lih and I have both officially quit our day jobs to focus on PackerShack full time!

The good news is that our hard work over nights and weekends has paid off: we already have a great product. The challenge now is getting the word out. The bad news is that as two software engineers, that’s the part we don’t know how to do! This will be a learning experience, for sure.

No, we have no expectation of making a million dollars… we’re just aiming for a trickle of steady income. Enough to cover the rent would be spectacular. You know, to take the “must” out of getting up and going to work every day, allowing our jobs to be more about what we believe in and enjoy doing. We’ll see.

The plan is to give it everything we’ve got for the next 6 months or so and get our fledgling project off the ground. Wish us luck. Oh, and please spread the word. We’d very much appreciate a click on the like button below — every little bit of publicity helps!!