Sad day

by jenny on 24 January 2013 - 09:29pm

Sad, sad day. Had to say goodbye to the little car that's taken me everywhere I needed to go for the last 14 years. She needs $3k worth of work and that's too much. :(

A big thanks to my Uncle John -- she did great.


Ode to Jenny's Honda

Goodbye, farewell my little car.
You've taken me so very far.
A gift from Uncle John you be,
And took me coast to coast for free.
You've gone with me a long, long way,
And did not waste my hard earned pay.
So now you're broke and can't go on.
I'll think of you with memories fond.
You've been my stalwart, steady friend.
So long, farewell; this is the end.

Copyright © 2013 by Sara B. Dickinson