Setting up puppet on Debian

by jenny on 16 May 2008 - 09:54pm in

Debian seems to think the default puppetmaster port is 18140... but all the documentation I found and my puppet client running on Ubuntu says the default port is 8140. Strange.

Opening the configuration file /etc/default/puppetmaster and changing the last line to the right port did the trick.


I also got the following error when trying to use my newly-signed client certificate:

notice: Got signed certificate
err: Could not retrieve configuration: Certificates were not trusted: hostname was not match with the server certificate

...and had to change the certname on the server to puppet (to match my client-side /etc/hosts entry for the puppetmaster), as documented in RubySSL Security Patch.

In /etc/puppet/puppet.conf:


default port


The default port being set to 18140 is a bug in the debian package. I am the maintainer of that package, and this bug is fixed in the next release of the package (0.24.8). In the future, it would help if you reported such bugs in the debian bug tracking system (using the command-line utility 'reportbug'). That way the package maintainers will know about the bug, rather than running into it by chance online :)


Heh... thanks for the vote of confidence... but this was not only my first time setting up puppetmasterd, but also my first time using puppet at all... I'm not usually that quick to conclude that my minor setup problems are actual bugs in the Debian package! ;) It's nice to know that I was experiencing a "real" problem, tho... thanks for getting it fixed!